Confidence is Key


Hello pals, readers, and those who have stumbled upon this blog. Today I will be sharing my outfit that I got at Goodwill and Payless for $27. I have always loved thrifting and Goodwill is the perfect place to start thrifting. There are so many nifty finds there, and you can normally make an outfit for under $20! I was unable to find shoes that matched my outfit at Goodwill, and so I went to Payless to find shoes! They were having a back to school clearance event so I ended up getting $40 shoes for 16 bucks. What a great deal.Anyways, I wanted to talk to you guys about confidence. I have struggled with body image for a long long long time. I also have struggled with depression and anxiety and have gone to therapy for about a year to work on my confidence and depressive symptoms. I am finally getting better and I am so happy! I recently got a new therapist and I was a tad scared that we wouldn’t mesh, but she is very helpful! We have been working on my confidence and self-image. I’m going to share her tips in hopes that it will help someone like me.

Tip 1. Recognize your strengths.

Recognize what you are good at. Are you artistic? Sporty? Really good at listening to people? Realize what you are good at and you will start to feel good about yourself, too.

Tip 2. Be proud of your accomplishments.

What have you done recently that is extraordinary? Did you start a blog? Did you talk to someone on the phone even though you have terrible anxiety? Even the smallest accomplishments are huge victories.

Tip 3. Celebrate life.

One of the biggest keys to confidence is to be happy.

“Happy girls are the prettiest girls.” -Audrey Hepburn

In order for your beauty to shine through, you need to be happy. There are thousands of ways to create your own happiness, but the easiest way is to realize you are awesome. Celebrate small things. Celebrate living to see another Monday. Celebrate that you will find someone who loves you with all their heart. Celebrate the confusion. Celebrate the bad times. Celebrate the good times. Celebrate scars, stretch marks, bruises. These are all signs you are alive. Just, celebrate life.

 I had a recent interview for a class and the interviewer said I needed to work on my confidence. Major blow to my already low self-esteem. I knew I wasn’t confident, but other people noticed too? I then felt more insecure than ever, but I knew if I wanted a spot in the class I would HAVE to boost my confidence somehow. I decided a photoshoot would either be a blessing or a curse. Sometimes I’m really photogenic and other times I look like a potato, so it was a 50/50 chance at boosting my confidence. Once I saw the pictures, I fell in love with them and the way I looked.

Get a similar skirt here, a similar shirt here, and the exact shoes here.

Comment below your struggles with confidence and how you built it back up! I’d love to hear your stories and see what worked and what didn’t.

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DIY Monogram Keychain

Hello pals, readers, and those who have stumbled upon this blog. Today I am sharing with you how to make a monogram keychain for less than $10! (the actual unit price is $4.04)


•Blank and tassel Lobster clasp charms (found here)

•Small Gold Monogram Letter Rub-On Transfers (found here)

First you pick out the letters in you monogram (First, Last, Middle) and then stick them on the keychain and you’re done! It takes three seconds and is so easy to do! I suggest you place the middle letter first so you can center your monogram!

Happy crafting,

Ashley Brooke

How I Made $500 Extra in One Month

Hello pals, readers, and those who stumbled upon this page.  I am going to give you one major tip on how to make 500 extra dollars each month. Download Poshmark! It is a free app that allows you to resale your old clothes and purchase other’s gently used clothes. You can make big bucks on this app and then put your earned credits in as a direct deposit into a bank account, or spend your credits on other rad clothes. I started selling clothes in June and have made exactly $511. How do you sell clothes successfully on Poshmark? Click here for your complete guide to selling, buying, and trading.

Step 1. Put the same amount of time on your product pictures as you do selfies

Each photo of your item needs to have good lighting. The better your photos the more likely people are to buy them. Try styling your item with something else for a unique flare.

Step 2. Promote. Promote. PROMOTE.

There’s a share button for a reason, people! Every time you share a user’s listing, you are putting yourself out there for them to see. Hopefully, they will return the favor and expose you to their followers by sharing! Also, Poshmark has themed parties three times a day every day, so why not share yourself to a whole network of buyers? Free marketing!

Step 3. Be prompt. 

When someone comments on one of your listings,try to comment back as soon as you get the notification. I have accidently lost sales by forgetting to comment back, and I could’ve earned more money. Also, when your item is purchased, try to ship within two days. I completely forgot to ship my first sale and the buyer canceled. What a bummer!

And there you have it, all the tips I used to grow my Poshmark account and make sales.GirlyGoingAwayParty


Complete Guide to Selling, Buying, and Trading on Poshmark


Source: Poshmark Instagram

Hello pals, readers, and people who have stumbled upon this blog. You know that dress you bought a few months ago and have never worn? Well, now you can get (most) of your money back by using Poshmark! Poshmark is a free app for iOS and Android that allows you to sell and shop a virtual marketplace for women, and now men and kid’s clothing.


I have been poshing since March of 2016 and I am utterly addicted! I didn’t know how to use the app at first, but after an hour of reading up on it I figured it out with little difficulty. I currently have about 2,000 followers and the numbers are growing every day. I tend to buy more than  I sell, but I’ve found some great deals! I have found a Sherri Hill prom dress for $199, a Lauren Conrad sweater for $6, and an Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit for $15.

Here are a few tips on how to sell, buy, package, and trade.

Okay, let’s get started. After downloading the Poshmark app here, follow my steps to create your first listing.

  • Take 3-4 good photos of your item. You can take and edit photos directly in the app. The better the photo the more likely shoppers are to purchase it.
    • Use good lighting. Natural light is the best
    • Style your item! Show users your quirky style and they’ll be more apt to buy. I modeled my Vineyard Vines dress and it sold within minutes.
    • Another good way to have good photos is to remove the background. There are plenty of free websites to do this, but my favorite is an app called SuperImpose. It is super easy to use, and only costs $2.99
  • List your item
  • Give a good description. Make sure to include any damages your item might have. You don’t want to hide any flaws because that would result in an unhappy buyer!
  • Price your item according to the condition and if it is new with tags or not.

Once your item has sold, ship it ASAP. The faster you ship, the faster you can earn money. Poshmark does not release your payment until the buyer has received their purchase.



Source: Poshmark Instagram

How to Sell Faster


  • Poshmark is a social network, so share, comment, and give love to closets and they will do the same. Poshmark has an unspoken rule that if someone shares your listing, you share theirs.
  • Share theme-appropriate listings to parties. Posh Parties are themed virtual parties that every day, three times a day. Thousands, if not millions, of users search parties in hopes of finding the perfect listing, so promote yours!
  • Respond in a timely manner, and don’t forget to tag people back in your comment. I have lost a few sales by not tagging someone. You can do this by typing @ and then the commenter’s username, just like insta. 😉
  • Remember to have good customer service. This is a business for you now, and the better your customer service the more you will sell. People will more likely buy from you again if you are polite and offer them a good deal. In the settings of Poshmark, you can set up a closet discount that takes off a percentage of the total if the user bundles.
    • Bundling is offered for people to buy multiple things and only have to pay for shipping once. It’s really a win-win. You make more sales and they get a discounted price.

Okay, I’ve sold my first listing. Now what?

Now comes the fun part, packaging.

  • Stock up on shipping boxes.


    Source: Poshmark Instagram

  • (optional) Decorate the outside of the box! I like to write “Hello, Darling.”  or “I’ve arrived.”
  • All of this is optional, but it is appreciated.
    • Wrap your item in cute tissue paper and baker’s twine.
    • Include a thank you note! A little appreciation goes a long way. I like to write “Your purchase made my day and I hope this package brightens yours.”

Remember to ship your item in a timely manner, you don’t want an unhappy buyer!

What is trading and how do I do it?

Some users, not me because I’m too scared, like to trade closet items. What this means is you will ship someone an item and they will ship you something in return. You do this by finding someone to trade with, then the item you want to trade. Try to trade for similarly priced items. Once this is done, you will drop the price of your item to $3 and  other trader will do the same. Then you’ll purchase their item and they’ll purchase yours for shipping label purposes only. YOU WILL NOT MAKE ANY MONEY. Caution. There have been stories of people never receiving their item they traded for, and since Poshmark doesn’t support trading you are unable to get your sale back. I know for a fact there are plenty of honest traders, but be careful.


And there you have it, a complete guide to Poshmark. Comment your Poshmark username and I’ll follow you! Happy poshing.

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