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Hello pals, readers, and those who have stumbled upon this blog. Today I will be sharing my outfit that I got at Goodwill and Payless for $27. I have always loved thrifting and Goodwill is the perfect place to start thrifting. There are so many nifty finds there, and you can normally make an outfit for under $20! I was unable to find shoes that matched my outfit at Goodwill, and so I went to Payless to find shoes! They were having a back to school clearance event so I ended up getting $40 shoes for 16 bucks. What a great deal.Anyways, I wanted to talk to you guys about confidence. I have struggled with body image for a long long long time. I also have struggled with depression and anxiety and have gone to therapy for about a year to work on my confidence and depressive symptoms. I am finally getting better and I am so happy! I recently got a new therapist and I was a tad scared that we wouldn’t mesh, but she is very helpful! We have been working on my confidence and self-image. I’m going to share her tips in hopes that it will help someone like me.

Tip 1. Recognize your strengths.

Recognize what you are good at. Are you artistic? Sporty? Really good at listening to people? Realize what you are good at and you will start to feel good about yourself, too.

Tip 2. Be proud of your accomplishments.

What have you done recently that is extraordinary? Did you start a blog? Did you talk to someone on the phone even though you have terrible anxiety? Even the smallest accomplishments are huge victories.

Tip 3. Celebrate life.

One of the biggest keys to confidence is to be happy.

“Happy girls are the prettiest girls.” -Audrey Hepburn

In order for your beauty to shine through, you need to be happy. There are thousands of ways to create your own happiness, but the easiest way is to realize you are awesome. Celebrate small things. Celebrate living to see another Monday. Celebrate that you will find someone who loves you with all their heart. Celebrate the confusion. Celebrate the bad times. Celebrate the good times. Celebrate scars, stretch marks, bruises. These are all signs you are alive. Just, celebrate life.

 I had a recent interview for a class and the interviewer said I needed to work on my confidence. Major blow to my already low self-esteem. I knew I wasn’t confident, but other people noticed too? I then felt more insecure than ever, but I knew if I wanted a spot in the class I would HAVE to boost my confidence somehow. I decided a photoshoot would either be a blessing or a curse. Sometimes I’m really photogenic and other times I look like a potato, so it was a 50/50 chance at boosting my confidence. Once I saw the pictures, I fell in love with them and the way I looked.

Get a similar skirt here, a similar shirt here, and the exact shoes here.

Comment below your struggles with confidence and how you built it back up! I’d love to hear your stories and see what worked and what didn’t.

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How To Survive High School

Hello incoming freshmen, pals, readers, and those who have stumbled upon this blog. Today is the first day of August, which means school is just around the corner (groan). I will be sharing 15 tips on how to survive your first day as a high school student.

Starting your first day as a freshman can be exciting, scary, and a little intimidating. You may be smaller than the upperclassmen, and that is terrifying. Here is a handy guide to get you through your first day and the 179 days after. 😉

#1. Learn your way around the school

Nothing is worse than a freshman who is constantly bumping into people and being lost. But don’t worry! If your school doesn’t offer a freshman orientation, don’t be scared to ask an upperclassman for help navigating the hallways. Chances are they will help you and 1. If they don’t they’re a big meanie. 2. If they do, new friend!

#2. Memorize your schedule 

The best way to do this is to keep it as a lock screen on your phone! That way, if you lose your schedule you have it committed to memory or at least saved to something you don’t leave home without.

#3. Stop posting on Instagram 2x a day

You WILL have more freshmen that you meet and upperclassmen follow you after the first day. Nobody wants to follow a spammy account, though. Limit your posts to once a day if you absolutely HAVE to post. Most teens post once a week or less.

#4 Realize you might drift away from friends

You are now in high school. People are changing and developing into different versions of themselves. You and your best friend might have different tastes now, and that’s okay!

#5. You are going to make A LOT of friends

High school introduces you to so many opportunities to meet new people! Clubs, sports, tutoring, the options are endless.

#6. Join a club or sport!

The best way to meet people is to be active in your school!

#7. Don’t miss out on sporting events just because you have homework 

Don’t get me wrong, grades are SUPER important, but it is okay to have fun! You’re young, you can afford to stay up until 3 am doing homework at least once. Again, being social is the best way to meet people.

#8. Don’t let other people define your worth

I struggled a lot with this my freshman year. In fact, I still do. Do not let anyone feel like you are too much to handle or do not have enough to offer. You are perfect just the way you are, and if they don’t like you for you, kick them to the curb.

#9. Do not focus on romantic relationships

Sure, dating is fun, but chances are you do not have a car so you cannot actually “date.” Freshman year is the year for building friendships, focus on boyfriends/girlfriends later.

#10. Stay on top of your grades

Colleges will look at your freshman year, so do the best that you can! Do not goof off in class, pay attention, take notes. Do whatever works for you to get good grades.

#11. Keep a planner

It can be hard to keep up with all the assignments, projects, and school events. Keeping a planner helps you stay organized and stay on top of your grades.

#12. Spend time with your family

Just because you are busy with school does not mean you have an excuse to not hang out with your family. You will be gone in four years, and the time does fly by fast. Hang out with the rents, and not just so you can mooch money off of them. You family will appreciate you hanging out with them.

#13. Save money

You will be buying a car in two years and going to college two years after that. Save all the money you can, you’ll thank me later ;).

#14. Read Perks of Being a Wallflower. 

This is one of the best books of all time. Read it.

#15. Be yourself!

This is probably the most important tip. Be your crazy, unique, smart self. People will love you for you, and like I said earlier if they don’t like you kick them to the curb.

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Ashley Brooke

Everything you need to know on your first day of high school. Freshmen tips