7 Best Jobs for High School Students

Hello pals, readers, and those who have stumbled upon this blog. Today I am going to be sharing with you (some from personal experience, some from research) the best jobs for high school students.

Grocery Store Clerk

This job is best for effieicient, extroverted people. Be prepared to stock shelves as well as learn to bag groceries quickly. (recomended but not required: Tetris skills)


This job is one of the highest paying jobs for teens. Babysitters can make $12-$20 an hour, depending on how many children they are watching and how long the parent(s) will be gone.  If you love kids this job is for you. 

Bonus, you are likely to be hired faster/paid more if you are CPR certified. 

Ice cream scooper

Just imagine being close to all that yummy goodness all day! Some companies even let you take pints home (yay employee freebies!). You’ll get to see smiling faces all day long while working on your upperbody strength (scooping ice cream is harder than you think). Who could ask for a better job?


Dog Walker

You can make anywhere from $15-35 per walk! Great for someone who loves dogs and needs to hatch Pokemon eggs. 😉

Animal Shelter Worker

Animal shelters will pay teens to work with animals and clean out their cages. If you are interested in becoming a vet/ owning an animal shelter, you would love this job!

Filling out surveys

A good way to earn money without ever leaving your bed is to fill out online surveys! My favorite app to do this is SwagBucks. They ask you to fill out surveys in exchange for giftcards from places like Target, Starbucks, Walmart, and Amazon. 

You’ll only make about $5 a day, but it all depends on how much time you spend on the app. 

Pet Sitter

People go crazy over their pets! You can earn up to $15 per half hour of checking on pets! This includes feeding and watering them, letting them inside/outside, and possibly playing with them. This job is perfect for someone who is busy with school and can only work for a few hours a day. 


Thanks for stopping by! Leave your favorite job you worked as a teen in the comment section below. 


Ashley Brooke


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