One White Tee, Ten Different Ways

Style 1. Patterns!

I love love love patterns. My favorite print recently has been a J. Crew Poppy skirt I found on Poshmark for $10! Can’t beat that deal. It combines classy with fun and I love to wear it. Style this with a white tee to dress it down, or dress up the casual tee-shirt look. I personally enjoy flats, but if heels are your thing you can add instant glam to your already fashionable outfit.

Get the skirt for $25 (size 4) here

Get the skirt here for $25 (size 2)

You can find a similar one here for $13 (size 6)

If you can’t find it in your size, keep looking on Poshmark!

Style 2. Patterns again

You can never go wrong with a crisp white tee and trendy drawstring pants. I found these at Marshall’s last summer and they have remained in good condition! I like to wear these pants with strappy sandals, that I also found at Marshall’s. Throw on some red lipstick and your outfit will be poppin’!

Find similar pants here

Style 3. Ripped Jeans

A perfect way to achieve a clean yet grungy look is by throwing on a pair of ripped jeans! My fav jeans I found at Goodwill for $4. Can’t beat it!

Find similar jeans here

Style 4. KnottedFor an instant crop top effect, knot your shirt! Not only does it allow you to show off your awesome bod, but it is also a chic way to wear an otherwise basic shirt. Wear skinny jeans or high rise shorts for a simple look.

Style 5. The flannel

I got this flannel from Forever 21 my freshman year (two years ago), and it still looks brand new!  Add this to your basic tee to add instant warmth and tumblr feel. Wear with the knotted style for a bonus effect. 😉 Wearing converse or sneakers would complete the look.

Find the exact flannel here

Style 6. With a Skirt

These are both from Loft (on sale of course!), but I personally like Forever 21’s skater skirts because they are $5.90. Style this look with sunnies and sandals.

Find skirts here

Style 7.  Over a maxi dress

This look is perfect for when you want to wear a strapless maxi dress to school but the dress code won’t allow it. I found this dress at a little local boutique.

Style 8. Khakis 

Adding jewelry to neutrals really spices up the outfit! I got these khakis at Sam’s Club for $15.

Style 9. With a blazer 

I love this look! My mom gave me the Dooney and Bourke purse, it was hers in college. I got the blazer at Target and the skirt from Ross.

Find the blazer here

Purchase a similar purse for $25 here 

Style 10. Red Faux Leather Jacket

Fall is quickly approaching, and one of my closet staples is a red faux leather jacket. I cannot tell you how many compliments I receive when wearing this!  This was given to me as a gift so I’m not sure where they found it, but search on Poshmark and at thrift stores!

Thanks for stopping by,

Ashley Brooke


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