How I Made $500 Extra in One Month

Hello pals, readers, and those who stumbled upon this page.  I am going to give you one major tip on how to make 500 extra dollars each month. Download Poshmark! It is a free app that allows you to resale your old clothes and purchase other’s gently used clothes. You can make big bucks on this app and then put your earned credits in as a direct deposit into a bank account, or spend your credits on other rad clothes. I started selling clothes in June and have made exactly $511. How do you sell clothes successfully on Poshmark? Click here for your complete guide to selling, buying, and trading.

Step 1. Put the same amount of time on your product pictures as you do selfies

Each photo of your item needs to have good lighting. The better your photos the more likely people are to buy them. Try styling your item with something else for a unique flare.

Step 2. Promote. Promote. PROMOTE.

There’s a share button for a reason, people! Every time you share a user’s listing, you are putting yourself out there for them to see. Hopefully, they will return the favor and expose you to their followers by sharing! Also, Poshmark has themed parties three times a day every day, so why not share yourself to a whole network of buyers? Free marketing!

Step 3. Be prompt. 

When someone comments on one of your listings,try to comment back as soon as you get the notification. I have accidently lost sales by forgetting to comment back, and I could’ve earned more money. Also, when your item is purchased, try to ship within two days. I completely forgot to ship my first sale and the buyer canceled. What a bummer!

And there you have it, all the tips I used to grow my Poshmark account and make sales.GirlyGoingAwayParty



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